About Northwest Permit Services

People want to build a great home for their family, but few are interested in wandering through the maze of surveys, critical area reviews, septic designers, site preparation contractors and the various city and county agencies responsible for issuing permits and performing inspections.  Our experience in all aspects of your project will remove your worries and concerns, and let you enjoy the creation of your perfect home!

Our Story

With 30+ years of experience managing projects across a wide variety of subjects, I understand how difficult the creation of the perfect home can be.  Septic designs, wetland setbacks, HOAs, PSE power transformers…it all can be overwhelming to most folks.  A while back a local builder suggested I start up a business helping people get the permits they need to start building a new home, and here I am!   Turns out that there is a lot more than just the basic permits that people need help with, hence the mention of Project Management in this website.  Bottom line, if you are planning on building a new home, we will help make that a real pleasure.