You want to build your dream home…

but you need to obtain permits

We Can Help

NorthWest Permit Services works with properties in the following locales:

San Juan, Skagit, Island, Whatcom

and Snohomish Counties

and the cities within those counties

We Offer Stress-Free, Preconstruction Project Management

Fulfill Permit Requirements

Water wells are different than driveway.  Anacortes wants different information than Whatcom County.  We understand those differences.

HOA and Utilities Coordination

PSE, Cascade Natural Gas, HOA’s.  We work with them all to make sure when you flip the switch in your new kitchen, the lights go on!

Contractor Recommendations

We work with every kind of contractor you can imagine.   We will only recommend those that we would trust to work on our own projects.

How It Works

We help people at all phases in their home building project.   From land purchasing to site plan preparation to working with the County to obtain the building permits.  Fill in our contact form and we will get started making sure the creation of your new home is a pleasure.

About Us

After 30+ years of managing projects across a wide variety of subjects, we understand that every project is different, each project needs someone to take charge from start to finish.  Whatever is needed, we are ready to take it on.  And succeed.